Good Tunes

At Pesca Muerta, we love music, and it helped to inspire the brand.  We are an outdoor lifestyle brand that specializes in fishing apparel, but we want our gear to be more than that.  Yes, our sun shirts and gaiters will protect you throughout a long day on the water, but they will also be perfect for a sunny day at an outdoor music festival.

We love to go fishing and we love to watch live music.  We want to create products that will be equally functional and comfortable while doing both of those things.  That is what we've tried to build because that is who we are.

If you want to hear some of the music we enjoy, please click the link below to follow us on Spotify.  Our team of Pesca Muerta Tastemakers has carefully crafted playlists for a number of occasions and moods, with music that spans genres and generations.  We hope you'll take a listen and let us provide the soundtrack for your next adventure!

Tastemakers' Playlist of the Month - Autumn Leaves: